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Why build user awareness ?

Your workforce constitutes both your most efficient line of defense and a major entry point for attackers. It is widely accepted that the human factor is often the weak link of any information system security-wise. Regular awareness raising campaigns among your employees represent a low-cost/high-impact investment that significantly improves your capacity to address threats. This is why immunIT offers to roll out on-site trainings that may be supplemented by online trainings and a social engineering campaign as required.

On-site security awareness

Our on-site trainings, aimed at small groups of participants, are perfectly adapted to sessions of less than half a day, and can be held in your premises or in one of our conference rooms in Geneva, Lausanne, or Nyon. Following each session, course material will be distributed to each participant in the form of handouts.

All our trainings can be customized according to your needs or depending on the constitution of the group (management, itinerant staff, IT staff, etc.). Do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

On-site security awareness

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