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Our approach

An increasing number of technologies are embedded within hardware gagdets and devices.

Whether we’re talking about “IoT”, “Industry 4.0” or simply “Smart Devices”, the tendency to de-centralize intelligence is clearly there.

While offering more features and possibilities these new approaches also present new challenges in terms of security.

Left unguarded, they create new and unexpected opportunities for potential attackers.

Our hardware/embedded/IoT audit offer aims to reduce the risks associated with these new technologies by identifying vulnerabilities through:

  • Architecture review
  • Electronic design analysis
  • Hardware/firmware reverse engineering
  • Verification of security features offered by solution providers
  • Hardware/firmware security audit
  • Radio communication analysis (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, …)
  • Technology watch

Our experience has allowed us to develop our own internal tools for specialized inspection. This allows us to constantly take our exploration and search for vulnerabilities further.

We can provide guidance and support throughout your designs, integrations and deployments to continue innovating – safely and securely.

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